Creating/Viewing a Volunteer Task

Creating a Volunteer Task:

1. Select the Administration tab.

2. Select "Volunteer Events & Tasks".


3. Select "Add New".


4. Enter the Title and Task information.

Note: Please write Tasks one line at a time.This helps parents select what task they performed during specific events.


5. You can also note optional instructions for you volunteers as well.

6. Select the expiration date of the event and select Save.


7. Parents, teachers and staff can now view the event under "My Info" and log hours to that event.

Viewing & Downloading:

1. To view the amount of hours posted to a specific event, select the Administration tab.

2. Select "Volunteer Events & Tasks".

Demo Site.jpg

3. Select the Event you would like to view or download.

Note: All downloads are exported as .CSV Excel files.


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