Filtering Members Based on Membership and Roles

Organizing Members based on their Membership and Role


Viewing Members based on their Role

  • To view a Member based on their Role (e.g. Admin, Parent, Staff, Student)
  • Select the Role in the People listing:
Viewing Members based on their Membership in Groups
  • Click on the Administration view
  • Select the People tab on the left of the page



  • Click on the the "View: All Groups" drop-down menu
  • Select the Group that you'd like to filter Members with (e.g. Click on Student Council in the list to find Members who are part of the Student Council)
  • Selecting a particular Role will display Members who are in the selected Group view AND belonging to the Role selected
Find all Members who are Staff for Parents' Club
1. Apply filter: Staff tab
2. Apply filter: Parents' Club in "view: All Groups"


And that's it!

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