Tracking the Activity on Your Site - Google Analytics

Integrating Google Analytics with your new website:

1. Creating a free Google account (skip this step if you already have a Google account:

  • To setup your free Google Account, click here
  • Enter your school information (we recommend setting up an account for the school specifically).
  • Select the "Setup my Account" button once you've entered the appropriate information.

2. Email our support team your new email id and the preferred contact at the school who will be tracking the website traffic. Please also include in your email your school's name and website URL (e.g.,

3. Finished! Please allow up to five (5) business days for us to complete your Google Analytics integration (typically done before the launch of your website).

4. On website launch day, login to Google Anaylitcs to access your sites analytics and tracking. For more information or to login, please visit:


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