Website Process FAQs

What does your site maintenance include?

General site maintenance applies to all of our websites. This includes keeping your website in its best possible condition, both from a design and technical standpoint. We maintain all of our websites with the latest browser updates, security installments and ensuring that no 'dated' content remains on your website.

What browser's are your sites compatible with?

Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Chrome & Internet Explorer.

What is an annual design update?

Annual design updates applies to all of our websites. This includes refreshing the original design to match whatever new changes the client would like to see (including updating the navigation, page layouts, dynamic elements etc.). We provide this to ensure that you site remains interactive and healthy.

What does dynamic content mean?

Any elements within the site that require a higher level of activity (other than navigation), such as flash elements or movement on individual pages. These elements require greater amounts of production and design but our team can build anything that you're looking to accomplish.

Can you create the content for us, or help us do so?

Yes. We work with all Beehively Website customers to shape content. For specific content creation, depending on the scope and requirements for individual pages or the entire site, our team can help shape content for all website customers.

How quickly can you make page edits?

Our typical turnaround time for page edits are five (5) business days. Contact our support team if there is an immediate need for a faster turnaround. In general, the sooner we receive the edits, the faster they will go up. We also can implement (with all of our website clients) a general edit plan for the year, regarding specific elements of the site (like fund-raising events, annual drives etc.)

For any other questions, please email our Support Team, who will contact you shortly.


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