Email validation messages

In Beehively, any user wishing to receive announcements, urgent alerts, homework notifications, etc. needs to have a valid email address. The system will validate any email before allowing it to be saved.

Below is a list of invalid email errors you may see.  For your reference, a brief explanation for each of these validation messages are explained below

SMTP server(s) check failed ( - timed out
- The email domain for the user is not currently responding.  Please email our support line at for additional help.

SMTP server(s) check failed ( - Name or service not known
- The email domain can not be validated.  This often means that there is a type or misspelling in the email.  In the above error message you can see that was misspelled.

No MX record for domain
- This domain does not have email attached to it.

Failed custom grammar check for yahoo domain OR Failed custom grammar check for gmail domain
- The email is not typed correctly.  This usually means there is a type or misspelling in the email.

Malformed address; failed parse checks OR Malformed address; missing @ sign
- Entered email format is not valid. This usually means the “@” or the “.” is missing.

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