How to Mark an Assignment Missing/Late/Excused

  1. Select “Classroom/Groups”
  2. Next, select which class you want to add grades to, for example: 1st Grade
  3. Select “Grades”
  4. Select which subject in the grade you are entering scores for

From here, there are two different ways you can mark an assignment as missing, late, or excused.



  1. Select the box that corresponds with the student and assignment you are entering the grade for
  2. Select Missing, Late, or Excused from the bottom left corner
  3. Now, the gradebook will show the assignment as “Late” and adjust the percentage to reflect that



  1. Once you are in the gradebook, you can select a specific student to access their individual report
  2. In this individual report, you can mark their specific assignment as missing, late, or excused


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